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Other Services


Voluntary Disclosure and Amnesty Agreements

Businesses often discover that they should have been filing taxes in a state for years but have not been. When that occurs, I can assist the business in reducing the number of years of back taxes as well as eliminating penalties and, sometimes, interest.

Due Diligence Reviews

I have vast experience in performing state and local tax due diligence work. Many times the largest tax issues are related to state and local taxes.


Property Tax Consulting

Preparation of personal property taxes, applying for property tax exemptions, and representing you in property tax audits are just a few of the property tax services I provide.

General Questions and Other State Tax Services

I am ready for any questions or projects related to state and local tax. Because I have focused on state and local taxes since 1992 I will either know the answer off the top of my head or know where to find it. 

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